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Documentation, tutorials and resources for Verizon Connect enterprise products


This page contains links to help tools and resources for users of Verizon Connect's Fleet and Reveal fleet management services. Use the search bar at the top of the page to find comprehensive product help and guides for all of our web, mobile, and API offerings.

If you can't find what you're looking for here, or you'd like some extra help, contact us at or log into Verizon Connect Fleet at or Verizon Connect Reveal at and create a support ticket. If you would rather speak to someone, you can find our contact details here. We're always happy to help!

Recent Product Releases

The list below details our most recent releases. Click a product to learn about its newest features and improvements.

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Verizon Connect Enterprise Platform Products
  • Verizon Connect Reveal - Know what's happening out on the field in near real-time, and see the status and activity of your vehicles at a glance. Analyze your fleet's performance over time, and help your team improve their driving habits, with the Reveal web-based fleet management system.
  • Verizon Connect Fleet - The web-based fleet management solution built on a scalable platform, designed to integrate with your entire business from logistics and maintenance through to payroll and dispatch.
  • Verizon Connect Response - Compare your fleet plan with what's actually happening with the work order management solution that allows your mobile workforce to respond dynamically to changing conditions. Create and dispatch jobs, and see when jobs are scheduled for completion, where, and by whom.
  • Verizon Connect Dispatch - Use Dispatch to create jobs and routes, and to fine tune routes generated by the Verizon Connect Schedule optimization system.
  • Verizon Connect Scenarios - Use Scenarios to optimize your routes using the RouteCloud high-speed optimization engine, and to simulate route changes and evaluate their effect on route cost and efficiency.
Verizon Connect Enterprise Mobile Application Resources
  • WorkPlan - Use the WorkPlan mobile application to manage your jobs from iOS and Android tablets and smart phones. WorkPlan shows drivers the jobs they need to complete, lets them fill in and instantly submit inspection and job forms, and update their job statuses in real time. Optional plug-ins can be used to maintain compliance with Hours of Service regulations, self-monitor driving behavior, and to navigate to destinations using accurate turn-by-turn map routes.
  • Hours of Service Resources - PDF user and quick reference guides, as well as links to training sites, for drivers and administrators using Verizon Connect Hours of Service and the Reveal LogBook ELD mobile app.
  • Help for Navigation by Verizon Connect - Use the Navigation mobile application to manage your routes from iOS and Android tablets and smart phones. Navigation generates accurate, truck-legal, turn-by-turn directions along routes determined by vehicle dimension, weight and load.
  • Navigation User Guides - PDF user and quick reference guides for drivers using Navigation by Verizon Connect.
Verizon Connect Enterprise APIs and Developer Resources
  • Verizon Connect RouteCloud - With RouteCloud, you too can leverage the power of the world's most powerful route optimization API every day. Tap into its massive cloud-computing power and advanced logic to increase the resource availability and cost-effectiveness of your fleet.
  • TDE Data Exchange - The cloud-based middleware used by customers to access Verizon Connect features. TDE is the uniform data interface to the entire Verizon Connect ecosystem, used to implement and automate mission-critical integrations between Verizon Connect and your enterprise, including importing/exporting routes, synchronizing data with your third-party systems, manipulating data such as adding and editing jobs, and scheduling batch operations.
  • Hardware Installation Guides - Hardware device installation and troubleshooting guides for Verizon Connect employees and customers.
  • Reveal Integration Services - The Reveal Integration Services portal is your gateway to powerful REST API services. Use these APIs to integrate your enterprise applications with Reveal data, including driver, vehicle, GPS, alert, non-powered asset, and Logbook status data.