GeoBase Client Map Tutorial Help

This guide provides an introduction to the Verizon Connect GeoBase Client (geobase-client) and the packages geobase-map and geobase-map-demo. It describes how to install and run the existing tutorials provided via geobase-map-demo. And it provides walk-throughs for the existing tutorials, so that you can understand how the tutorials were created and how you can create your own GeoBase Client functionality. For the GeoBase Client reference documentation see

What is the GeoBase Client?

The GeoBase Client (geobase-client) is a software package that allows you to connect to a GeoStream server and access GeoBase functionality over the Internet.

Functionality provided by geobase-client includes:

Geocoding - including autocomplete and fuzzy matching
Reverse geocoding
Driving directions
Routing and route optimization
Layer management, including traffic layers
Route highlighting

The benefits of using a GeoStream server and client over a standard GeoBase application are:

The ability to provide user access management.
More detailed maps, because map tiles, queries and results are cached on the server.
Better performance, due to requests being processed on the central server.

What does 'geobase-map' provide?

The package geobase-map provides GeoBase functionality on a map. It uses the Leaflet library for the maps. If you have an Internet connection, geobase-map displays the following features as separate layers on the map:

Streets and borders
Country and city labels
Satellite imagery
Weather categories such as:
oSnow coverage
oCloud coverage
oCurrent and forecasted precipitation
oHurricane forecasts
Traffic density

What does 'geobase-map-demo' provide?

The package geobase-map-demo provides the following tutorials, which use the GeoBase Client and GeoBase functionality:

Layers tutorial
Location search tutorial
Routing tutorial

For more information on how to install and use the tutorials see the Quick Start Guide.

What does this user guide cover?

This guide provides:

A Quick Start Guide, which describes how to install and use the tutorials in geobase-map-demo.
Walk-throughs for the existing tutorials in geobase-map-demo.