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Interface IAutocompleteGeocoderArgs

An interface for a container of Autocomplete Geocoder arguments.


  • IAutocompleteGeocoderArgs

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Optional countries

countries: Country[]

A list of countries to search within. This property is ignored if CountriesZone is not null.

Optional countriesZone

countriesZone: BoundingBox

A BoundingBox that determines which countries to search. All countries falling within this BoundingBox will be included in the search. Note that this does not limit the search to only those regions of the country covered by the BoundingBox. If a value of null is passed for this parameter, and Country is set to Country.Unknown, then all available countries will be searched.

Optional excludedResultTypes

A bitmask representing the types of results to exclude from the current search.

Optional locationHint

locationHint: LatLon

An optional LatLon value that adds a bias towards nearby results. Defaults to Empty.


query: string

The partial address string to search for.

Optional resultsLimit

resultsLimit: number

The maximum number of results that can be returned by any one search.

Optional searchDepth

searchDepth: SearchDepth

Determines the desired behaviour when hitting the results limit; higher depths result in more effort finding better results. Use SearchDepth.Low to return the first results found. SearchDepth.Medium and SearchDepth.High can take longer to find results, but the average quality is higher. Note that two AutoCompleteGeocoder calls with the same AutocompleteGeocoderArgs may produce different results when using a AutocompleteGeocoder.SearchDepth value other than SearchDepth.Low.

Optional timeout

timeout: TimeSpan

Specifies how long (in nanoseconds) the search should continue before terminating prematurely. When a search times out, the LocationSearchResult object returned will contain all suggestions found prior to the timeout, and have a status of Timeout.

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