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Interface ILocationSearchArgs

An interface for a container of location search arguments.


  • ILocationSearchArgs

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Optional countries

countries: Country[]

A list of countries to search within. An empty array indicates to search all countries (which may not be supported by some search sources). Defaults to all countries.

Optional customArgs

A dictionary of custom arguments specific to custom search sources. This could be used, for example, to provide authentication details or customer information for a custom search source that needs to authenticate with an external server or provides customer-specific results.

Optional locationHint

locationHint: LatLon

An optional LatLon value that adds a bias towards nearby results. Defaults to Empty.

Optional poiTypes

poiTypes: PoiType[]

For searches that include POI results, restrict the types of POI (points of interest) to search to those in the PoiTypes array. For example TrainStation, Airport, or PetrolStation. Defaults to an empty array, which includes all POI types.


query: string

The location search query string.

Optional queryForm

The query's form; i.e. whether it is a prefix query or a complete query. This provides a hint as to which search sources should be used; for example, a prefix query is likely to be handled by a different geocoder than a full query.

Optional resultTypes

The types of results to search for and return. For example, a street, region, or post code.

Optional resultsLimit

resultsLimit: number

The maximum number of results that can be returned by any one search.

Optional searchDepth

searchDepth: SearchDepth

A hint as to the desired depth of the search. A low depth is best suited to user interfaces that need to be highly responsive; a high depth is best suited to contexts where high quality results are particularly important, at the sacrifice of search speed.

Optional timeout

timeout: TimeSpan

Specifies how long (in nanoseconds) the search should continue before terminating prematurely. When a search times out, the LocationSearchResult object returned will contain all suggestions found prior to the timeout, and have a status of Timeout.

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