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Interface IReverseGeocodeArgs

An interface for the arguments passed to a reverse geocoder.


  • IReverseGeocodeArgs



Optional alignSearchLimitDistance

alignSearchLimitDistance: Distance

The distance after which vehicle alignment is not considered.

Optional heading

heading: number

The direction the vehicle is heading into; in degrees.


location: ILatLon

The location to find the nearest address for; as a LatLon object.

Optional maxCrossStreetDistance

maxCrossStreetDistance: Distance

The maximum distance to search for a cross street.

Optional maxDistance

maxDistance: Distance

The maximum distance to use when attempting to reverse geocode a location. The reverse geocoder will return null if there are no results within MaxDistance degrees of the input location.

Optional reverseGeocodeMode

reverseGeocodeMode: ReverseGeocodeMode

The mode to use for reverse geocoding. One of AllLinks, MustHaveName, RealLinksOnly, or VehiclesAllowedOnly.

Optional speed

speed: Speed

The speed that the vehicle is travelling as it passes the specified location.

Optional streetNames

streetNames: string[]

An array of street names for the specified location. The primary street name is the first element of the array.

Optional useGlobalFallback

useGlobalFallback: boolean

Whether or not to execute a fallback query if the initial query cannot resolve the LatLon to a street address. If useGlobalFallback is true, the reverse geocoder returns the nearest city within MaxDistance degrees. If useGlobalFallback is false, no fallback query is executed, and the reverse geocoder returns null.

Optional useRoadWidth

useRoadWidth: boolean

Whether or not to consider road width when reverse geocoding.

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