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GeoBase SDK

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What's in the GeoBase SDK
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Verizon Connect GeoBase is a geospatial mapping software development kit (SDK) used to create location-based desktop and web-based applications. Using GeoBase you can design your applications with .NET, ASP.NET and JavaScript.

As well as the GeoBase API, the GeoBase SDK comprises a host of tools, demonstrations, sample code, tutorials, and documentation.

After installing the GeoBase SDK, you will have access to:

  • GeoBase API

  • GeoStream Server

  • Verizon Connect GeoBase Map Explorer

  • Samples

  • Verizon Connect GeoBase WorkBench

  • Web Service

  • GeoBase Help

  • GeoBase Release Notes

GeoBase API

GeoBase is a geospatial mapping SDK used to create location-based applications. GeoBase applications can be deployed on servers and desktops.

GeoBase takes the complexity out of geospatial software development and offers a scalable, stable, foundation for building applications that leverage spatial data for geographies around the world.

Services provided by GeoBase include:

  • Street mapping

  • Address lookup

  • Reverse geocoding

  • Navigation

  • Driving directions

  • Route optimization

  • Custom map data

geobase main
Map Explorer

Verizon Connect GeoBase Map Explorer is a simple GeoBase Map Control application that allows you to get a feel for the functionality provided by GeoBase, such as:

  • Geocoding / reverse geocoding

  • Routing

  • Route optimization

  • Route highlighting

  • Directions

  • GeoStream

  • Satellite

Map Explorer can be a starting point for your own applications, a test bench for ideas or just a learning tool. The source code for the entire application is available to you; you are free to use this code any way you like.

mapexplorer sml
Verizon Connect GeoBase WorkBench

WorkBench is an IDE combining the Alchemy and Chameleon tool sets, which are used to create custom datasets, and customize the look of your maps, respectively.

With WorkBench you can:

  • create / edit CAM files, and Alchemy scripts

  • sort and filter data files

  • explore the geometry of shapefiles

  • step-through / debug Alchemy scripts

  • benchmark scripts

workbench sml
GeoStream Server

GeoStream is a set of technologies that delivers GeoBase functionality over the Internet.

GeoStream consists of an integrated server and either a JavaScript or .NET client.

Using technologies like AJAX and JSON remotely, GeoStream provides performance equal to or better than a thick-client solution delivered over the Web to a number of different development environments, languages and targets.

A GeoStream server is automatically configured when you install GeoBase.

geostream visual representation sml

A range of .NET and JavaScript sample scripts, simple demonstrations, map styles, and fully-functional Visual Studio projects are provided. These can be used to get you up and running quickly with the GeoBase SDK, and include:

  • Alchemy data import tool scripts

  • Numerous JavaScript demonstrations

  • Example Chameleon map styles

  • Sample Visual Studio projects such as Desktop Navigator

  • Different versions of Map Explorer

  • Working versions of the sample projects

Web Service

The GeoBase SDK provides an example GeoBase Web Service. This is in the form of a Visual Studio solution, and demonstrates how you can provide GeoBase operations as a Web Service, using SOAP messages.

web service 1
GeoBase Help

A comprehensive reference manual covering:

  • GeoBase API and concepts

  • GeoStream

  • Alchemy Data Import Tool

  • Chameleon Custom Map Styles

The manual offers many tutorials, walkthrough guides, and code samples to get you up and going quickly with GeoBase, and mapping software concepts. A web-based version of the latest GeoBase Help is also available online at

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Release Notes

Each installation has a set of release notes outlining the latest features, enhancements and fixes. The release notes are included as part of the GeoBase Help.